Fine, you are trying to provide a path for the creation, or a rational for 
the existence, of the Plenitude.  You describe the Superverse as an enormous 
fractal of possible machines. But nowhere do you discuss some of the most 
important question, in my view, the perception of the self and the first 
person perspective. 

Trying to find a explanation for the plenitude is kind of doing things 
backwards. The plenitude does not need an explanation, because it is 
precisely the acausal state. When NO CAUSE exist for a particular object to 
be in any ONE particular state, then the object is in ALL possible states.  
Ultimately the ABSENCE of ANY cause leads to the Plenitude. This acausal 
principle is kind of the complement of the causal principle. 

The reductionist-in-reverse path from our universe to the plenitude, could 
have numerous (maybe an infinite number  of) alternatives. It's like being a 
worm inside an onion and peeling the layers from the inside... except that 
there is no guarantee that you'll ever see the light of day. You may end up 
crying for ever. :-)


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