Juergen Schmidhuber wrote:

> In absence of
>evidence to the contrary we assume that the presence of your consciousness
>(whatever that may be) is detectable by a computable process, namely, the
>one employed by you, the observer, who decides that he exists, via some
>sort of computation taking place as part of the evolution of his universe.

Sorry but I don't detect the presence of "my consciousness" still less by
a computable process. I'm afraid you confuse 1-person description of 
and 3th-person description of its body, at some level.

... nor do I decide that I exist. What could that mean ?

A recent question by hal, and Juergen reply:
>> Which programs count and which ones don't?  
>Those that compute your universe AND NOTHING ELSE.

The problem is that with comp there is no meaning to the
expression "your universe". This follows from PE-omega + Occam razor, or
in a more deep and informative way from PE-omega + Movie-argument.

I am still waiting your reply for the PE-omega post I send you 
months ago :-)


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