Hal writes:

>Saj Malhi, <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, writes:
>> Let's try to establish a few cogent premisses. I realise you probably =
>> won't agree with them all, but I'd be interested to know why:
>> [...]
>> 2]. Consciousness is neither dependent upon nor implied by memory (a man
>> suffering from amnesia is no less conscious than a man who remembers =
>> every detail of his life).
>But someone who had no memory, who forget every event the instant it
>happened, would not seem to be conscious.  At least, such a kind of
>mind is so different from my own that I would hesitate to say that it
>was conscious in the way that I am.  To me, being able to have some
>continuity from moment to moment seems to be a fundamental aspect of
>my consciousness.

Ergo, consciousness is Second Law dependent


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