Jacques applies a classical common-sense view of time to a problem
to which it does not apply. Why assume that everyone's time lines are the
same? In fact, time is subjective. I can be 'very old' and yet find myself
in the company of youngsters - we nevertheless appear to each other as of
similar age.  Thinking there is an objective time is what allows silly
things like the doomsday argument to flourish. 

        Jacques Mallah ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrtote:
>       We have been over this *many* times.  A) "Old" is when your finite
> brain is too old to even know how old it is.  B) In any case, "old" is
> much older than the age that would be expected if QTI is false:  In QTI
> one should expect one's age *relative to* the other people you see to be
> large, certainly *****not***** less than or of order 1!  If you were
> 10,000 and everyone else was <100 at least you would have reason to supect
> the rules might be different for you than for third parties.

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