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> > Since all experience is based on first person logic and first person 
>  > observation, the frame of reference is necessarily the Self. Hence the 
>  > validity of the RSSA. In so far as the ASSA is concerned, it can be 
> in 
>  > the same basket as the idea of the Ether.  
>   Bullshit, and not amusing bullshit at that.  I grow tired of you.
>   All experience, of course, is based on the NOW - a single
>  observer-moment.  Hence the tautological validity of the ASSA.

If there was a single observer moment and a single NOW, then, yes, the ASSA 
would be valid. But, presumably, there are many observer-moments, and they 
are all different since they correspond to different mind states. Hence the 
validity of the RSSA.

George Levy

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