oops. my last message didn't make it to the
                full list.
     O             > Maybe you'd like to write down formally
O    O             > what you mean.
 O      O       
 O      O       sure. i suspect we're talking past each other.
   O O          
     OO  O      let M be the set of universes. let A_i be a
O O  O          sequence of finite subsets of M, such that A_i
  O  O          is a strict subset of A_(i+1). define e(i) be
 O  O O         the expected complexity of a uniformly chosen
    OOO         member of A_i.
O O  O          
  O O  O        then lim i->inf e(i) = inf.
  O OO  O       
OOO      O      
O  OO   O          > Practical unpredictability due to
   OO  OO          > deterministic chaos and Heisenberg
 O OO O  O         > etc is very different from true
 O  O O  O         > unpredictability. For instance, despite of
  O O O OO         > chaos and uncertainty principle my computer
  OOO O  O         > probably will not disappear within the
O  OO  O O         > next hour. But in most possible futures it
OO  O  O O         > won't even see the next instant - most are
 OO O  O O         > maximally random and unpredictable.
OO  O OO O      
OOO  O O O      yes - i think i understand what you're saying
 OO O  O O      here. a universe with high complexity is a very
OOO O   OO      messy place indeed - computers disappear, etc.
O OOO O OO      however, i think you'll agree, that our universe
O OO  OOOO      (unless it *is* using a pseudo-random number
OO O OOOO       generator) is quite messy.
O OO O OOO      
 OOOO  OOO      i'm wondering if perhaps a different force is
OOOO OO OO      keeping the complexity low. an anthropic force
OOOO OO OO      - if complexity is too high, then life doesn't
OOO OOO OO      evolve - and we don't see it.
OOO O OO O      
OOO O OO O      i apologize for not having fully read/understood
OOO O OO O      your paper. i'm on vacation for the next week,
OOO OOOOO       i'll do so then.
OOO OO OOO      
OOO OO OOO      
 OO OOO OO      -k

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