Questions 1) and 1a) have been answered in this article:


Joel wrote:

> Bruno and fellow Everythingers...
> Sorry I've been disconnected for a while.  I think Bruno's last message
> really helped me to understand the Universal Dovetailer.
> > Some of those computations will generate the 3-states corresponding
> > to my "preparing coffe 1-state". Because we accept comp. Now if I
> > prepare a cup of coffee, my brain will go through a sequence of
> > states (third person describable computational state, at the right
> > level of description of myself). and I have pick one of those
> > state---like in a duplication experiment).
> >
> > So the UD generates that state eventually (by going through a
> > computation which emulates my doing or dreaming of doing that cup of
> > coffe).
> So the Universal Dovetailer simply enumerates all possible states for
> (Whatever "me" is, is unimportant).  And somehow, these states are joined
> their similarity to one another, which allows (virtual) motion from one
> state to the next.
> So, if I am currently sitting in the state of "sitting at my desk", I have
> several realities branching off from this one where in the next moments I
> "rising from my chair", or "still sitting at my desk", or "petting a white
> rabbit".
> But I am left with one nagging question:
> 1) Where is Time?
> 1a) What governs the trajectory of one's awareness through all his/her
> possible states?
> 1b) What defines the current state?
> 1c) How do I get from one state to another?
> 1d) Isn't this "awareness", and its motion path necessarily "outside"
> states and the Universal Dovetailer?
> Since I am into cellular automata, I always assumed that time is
> naturally... by the automaton... from one tick to the next - just like a
> movie.
> Can we really assume UD* exists?  Doesn't it take Time to execute UD?
> Joel

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