I have less difficulty in understanding Bruno's sentences (French is my 4th,
English the 5th language) I have only trouble understanding what I
understood. But that is my problem.
A Hungarian classic (Karinthy) included such chain with elements:
"Ufer des Ganges" into "...of the corridor" (Hungarian: folyoso = flowing
salt) and so on. But I rather keep my mouse shut.
John Mikes

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> I would like to clarify Marshall's post if I may.
> Marchal wrote:
> snip
> I think Bruno means "flesh" when he uses "chair" which is the french
> term for flesh. There is a little game I love to play using English and
> French. Going back and forth between the two languages how many steps
> can you go? The rule is to alternate between "sound-alike" or
> "write-alike" translations and meaning translations. Here is one chain:
> Arrow(English) -> fleche (French)  -> flesh (English) -> chair (French)
> -> chair (English) -> banc (French) -> bank (English) -> bord (French)
> -> board (English) -> ...
> There are other interesting chains:
> Blague(French) -> Trick(English) -> Trique(French) -> Whip (English)
> Here is one with Spanish, French, English
> Oil(English) -> Aceite (Spanish) -> Acier (f) -> Steel (E) (You make
> tempered steel by dipping metal in oil!!!
> George
> BTW, I agree with Bruno most of the time. When he gets technical I know
> enough to know that he is on the right path but I have some difficulty
> in keeping up with him.

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