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> Well, I hope you'd agree that which observer-moment I am
> right now is not a
> "matter of definition," but a matter of fact. My opinion is
> that the global
> measure on all observer-moments is not telling us something
> like the "number
> of physical instantiations" of each one, but rather the
> probability of
> *being* one particular observer-moment vs. some other one. I would be
> interested to hear what you think the measure means, though, since my
> version seems to require first-person facts which are separate from
> third-person facts (i.e., which observer-moment *I* am).

I don't see how you can talk about the "probability of being a particular observer 
moment". The probability is 1 at that moment! We
don't get dropped into observer moments from some metaphysical realm (like Fred 
Hoyle's flashlight-and-pigeonholes analogy in
"October the 1st is too late") - we ARE those observer moments. It's a bit like the 
probability of me being born as me. The
probability was 1, because otherwise I wouldn't be me! Similarly for this particular 
observer moment.


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