Hi George, Hi Everythingers, ...

The answer to "George exam" are in the preceding post by Wei Dai, or
in the archive at: 


I have put the illustrating programs (including the machine 
guardian angel) in my web page, following Wei Dai suggestion.
Click on "G, G*, ...":


Take all your time   (before giving me (or not) the prize :-))

I am aware that I must still better explain the importance of G*, and
of the relationship between quantum logic (and mechanics) with
the B logic (which has K, LASE and T, as axioms).

Those who does not understand the UDA should not hesitate to ask
question before trying to understand the "arithmetical UDA".
Does everybody understand the computational indeterminacy?

The lisper should not hesitate to interview the machine (through G)
and its guardian angel (through G*) by themselves.


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