On Sat, Dec 26, 2037 at 06:50:10PM +0100, Marchal wrote:
> First: why saying this now after I send more than 500 posts to the list.

I think it's because I was hoping someone would rephrase your ideas in a
way that's easier to understand. I think partly the problem is that you've
written so many posts that I couldn't read them all. Partly, what I do
understand from your writings don't seem useful for the problems I'm most
interested in so I haven't spent a lot of effort in trying to understand
your ideas. Partly, unlike the other authors you didn't have an English
paper that presents your ideas together. Although I see on your home page
now you do have a paper titled "Computation, Consciousness and the
Quantum", so that should be helpful. I'll get back to your other points
after reading this.

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