>   A new article by Caticha:
>  I explore the possibility that the laws of physics might be laws of 
>inference rather than laws of nature. What sort of dynamics can one derive 
>from well-established rules of inference? Specifically, I ask: Given 
>relevant information codified in the initial and the final states, what 
>trajectory is the system expected to follow? The answer follows from a 
>principle of inference, the principle of maximum entropy, and not from a 
>principle of physics. The entropic dynamics derived this way exhibits some 
>remarkable formal similarities with other generally covariant theories 
>such as general relativity.

I agree that the laws of physics are related with inference. That
paper seems interesting. I keep it until I get more time to read it.
Thanks.  (He used Fisher Information, and I have still some problems
with it, no doubt those problems relie on my lack of understanding
in statistics).


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