> Even if He completely ignores runtime, He still cannot assign high
> probability to irregular universes with long minimal descriptions.

Lee Smolin wrote about some Darwinian super-selection rule, among
trees of universes. Do you think there is a possible connection?

He also wrote: "we will have to extend the Darwinian idea that 
the structure of a system [universe] must be formed from within 
by natural processes of self-organization - to the properties 
of space and time themselves."

"The key step in this somewhat Darwinian argument is that the 
parameters determining the shape of the new cosmos must resemble 
those of its parent, rather than being picked at random. 
Granted this, after a while most universes in the mega-cosmos will
cluster around certain apparently arbitrary values - the kind that produce
observers like us." wrote Damien Broderick.

- Scerir

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