Hal wrote:
(Subject: Consistency?)

> If one takes the position that "logical proof" is not universally relevant
> to the evolution of universes within the Everything and the determination
> of the sequence of successive states of a universe is replaced with
> concepts such as "computable" or my "acceptable" what role does "logical
> consistency" play?

Since we are part of the Everything and our logic is part of us, "logical
would be a pars pro toto category mistake to control relevant or acceptable
anything (changes, etc.). Computable as well. It is in our mind, not
to Everything - which is not restricted to what we think or observe.
> Logical consistency would seem to play no role.  The transition is merely
> "acceptable".  More than one "acceptable" successor state enables
How about rather: "to be accepted"?

> Hal
John MIkes

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