Dear Charles:

In response to another of your comments and to clarify:

 > >If nothing exists, including any external time, then the
> > Everything (also
> > >known as "the Plenitude", perhaps) contains all available
> > >states as a fixed N-dimensional structure (N might well be
> > uncountable
> > >infinity).

I think it is important to identify a "fixed" system as a selection which 
is itself information.

The alternation between a "Nothing" and a new randomly selected "Something" 
out of the ensemble of "Somethings"  is not a fixed system.  The succession 
of "Somethings" is a little like generating a random number [the 
Everything] by adding a new random string of bits of random length to an 
existing random string of bits.  The final result is for sure all and no 
information simultaneously, but the particular string that will be produced 
remains fuzzy.

Unfortunately our language frequently defaults to words that hint of the 
concept of time since we have not yet created an adequate vocabulary for 
describing a timeless construct.


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