jamikes wrote:

> "George Levy" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote
>  Saturday, May 05, 2001 :
> (SNIP Jurgen's remark about "such a universe" whatever, my remark is not
> topical, rather principle:)
> > Such a universe would violate Bell' inequality theorem. Quantum randomness
> > cannot be simulated by hidden variables. We have to move beyond
> > realism......to get a model of objective reality we must first develop a
> > model of consciousness.
> >
> > George
> Can you restrict a universe according to its compliance with or violation of
> a theory, no matter how ingenious, or vice versa? Are WE the creators who
> has to perform according to some rules/circumstances of human logic or
> computability?
> John Mikes
> >

I am not restricting anything. I am only saying that Juergens has to choose
between violating Bell's  inequality theorem and all that this implies, or not
and all that this implies. My stand is that we shouldn't.


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