Maybe Hal, Russel and Jurgen should take this discussion to email and 
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>From: Hal Ruhl <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>>T4=T1 and T2, T5=T1 or T2, T6=T1 and T2 or T3, are also theorems.
>>We can construct an infinite variety of these theorems.
>You are writing programs and they have a complexity.  Chaitin limits this 
>complexity to no more than the complexity of the FAS plus a constant.  Thus 
>there can not be an infinite number of such constructions.

    I don't want to get involved in this, but let me just remind you that 
the complexity of an infinite set of objects is much often lower than the 
complexity of a typical member drawn from that set.  I would think no one on 
this list forgets that.

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