Like the rest of the group, I'm shocked and saddenned by this news.  I 
don't have much time to write now, as I'll be leaving for my new job in 
North Dakota tomorrow.
    Although I disagreed with him more often than not, James' input will be 
missed, and not just because he was one of the few members of the group who 
eventually came around to a sane view of mortality.

>From: George Levy <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>It is at times like this that I hope that all our theories about 
>multiuniverses are in fact correct.

    It doesn't matter, of course.  First, the measure of James-like beings 
(summing over time) is now known to be smaller than we thought it would be; 
that's true no matter what.  Secondly, the 'classical' universe is surely 
large enough that there still exist similar beings, or at least, beings that 
we would place equal utility on the existance of.  So, with or without the 
MWI, the effect of this news on our utility functions should be about the 

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