Joel Dobrzelewski wrote:
> Ok, sorry for being a smart-ass.  Instead of baiting the discussion 
> to make my point, I'll try to simply state the position clearly.
> We humans cannot deal with infinite structures, like pi.  Numbers 
> like pi and e and Omega and all the others are the devil!  :)  And 
> we all know the devil is in the details...

I think I made it obvious that pi and e are pretty simple objects, and
humans are quite capable of dealing with them (OK maybe not all humans
:). Omega, on the other hand, is quite a different beast again!

> We carry them along in our mathematics all the way to the "end" so 
> that they can be "evaluated" in the final step.
> But I ask you: When does the universe evaluate its expressions?

AFAIC, this is a meaningless question.


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