Convince me of this fact, and I would readily reject QTI. What you say
would be disproof of the "cul-de-sac" assumption, which sadly I
suspect to be true except in rather extreme circumstances like black

Nevertheless, if you can construct a situation using "forbidden"
states where conscious continuation of provably impossible, I'd be
most interested to hear about it.


Fred Chen wrote:
> Hal, Charles, I think this is an unavoidable part of the QTI or FIN debate.
> It seems that with QTI, you could only be entering white rabbit
> (magical-type) universes, not continue in probable ones.
> But in general I have a more fundamental objection (to quantum immortality).
> In QM, not all quantum states are possible for a given situation. For
> example, an electron orbiting a proton can only occupy certain energy
> states, not arbitrary ones. The energy states in between are forbidden; an
> electron cannot be measured and found to be in one of these forbidden
> states. So I do not see why immortality is allowed by QM from our universe
> if physical mechanisms generally ban it. Survival seems to me (and I guess
> most people) a forbidden state in the situations where death is certain.
> Fred

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