Hi Russell,

> [...]
>I have a question in light of this for the group. Come September (2nd
>anniversary of Why Occams Razor), if I've had no joy with
>J. Theoretics, I would like to try another journal. All I ask is that
>my paper be properly peer reveiwed. Does anyone have any suggestions?
>What about Teorie e Modelli?

Well, I have published (and it appeared very recently btw) my "Computation,
Consciousness and the Quantum" in Teorie e Modelli, after some Italians
hears my talk at Dubrovnik. Also because they were doing a special issue
of Teorie e Modelli on Quantum and Consciousness. But I am not sure
about the general thema of the journal.
If you agree I can ask Vincenzo Fano and give you (or him) his mail
address (or the address of your paper).

Have you try the "Journal of Philosophy", or ... (The journals which
come to my mind turn around philosophical logics, I will think
about it ...).

Perhaps you should  try to transform your paper in the form 
of a response to a similar paper you could find in the literature.
(This means spending lot of times in libraries ..., but I found
Maudlin's paper in this way).

The problem with "our domain" is that it is very inter or trans
disciplinary. And a lot of "specialists" doesn't like that too much.

Our epoch is not so easy for those who attempts clarity, rigor, and
open-mindeness, in fundamental matters. There is still a lot of energy
wasted by both scientist and philosophers for ignoring each other.

About publication, I must perhaps confess that, a long time ago,
between publish or perish, I have chosen perish!... Until now 
I have never submit a paper to a journal. I publish only when 
people, after hearing oral talk of mine, ask me to send a paper.

Talking about publishing, I guess it is about time I try myself
to publish in some "serious" International Journal. 
The paper by Rawling and Selesnick in the J. of the ACM 2000
gives me perhaps the opportunity to send a technical paper on
my "arithmetical quantization". I will try to write it this
summer holliday().

... So I hope this one will not be driven into company of my ten 
thousand unfinished papers ... :-)

I certainly wish better fortune for your Occam paper!


() My idea was to write such thesis-paper after the
presentation of my thesis, but I got a prize which consists
in the promise of publishing the thesis. But being to technical
I wrote a third "book" in french! The book is written but I am
not glad with it. That's the problem: I am my worst

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