Wei writes:
> If you don't think this is paradoxical, suppose we repeat the choice but
> with the payoffs for button 2 reversed, so that Bob wins $10 instead of
> Alice, and we also swap the two minds so that Alice is running on the
> substrate that generates more measure instead of Bob. They'll again both
> push button 1. But notice that at the end both people would have been
> better off if they pushed button 2 in both rounds.

Maybe you could argue that if they had known ahead of time what was
going to happen, they would push button 2.

For example, Alice would know that her measure was going to be first
low, then high.  Therefore whatever wealth she gains while her measure
is low will be boosted while her measure was high.  This makes it
more important to gain wealth during low measure times than it would
have been if she didn't know about the upcoming measure-boost.


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