Scott bemoans James H's appreciable contempt on consciousness (or whatever
it may be called) which is a brilliant moneymaker and tenuremaker for people
who can't do better. Then he asked "the" question:
> I thought time didn't exist?
> Scott
First: the past tense is objectionable unless the answer is negative (=Yes,
it didn't).

Then again - and I apologize if I divulge something from a private message,
the list has funny ways of 'replying' - but Scott wrote among others:
"Difference is not the same, even if it's the same difference" upon my
remark on the list that - as I consider - information is "difference". Well,
I beg to differ: it is about the level of "same".  If you consider a same
difference of "3" that may be absolutely 'unsame', depending on "3 what".
If you include the contents of "two TOEs" ( I point here to my denial of
omniscience, necessary for a TOE)  - and the comparison is a "3", you may
not duplicate THIS and so that difference is information.
We usually deal in incomplete information, by incomplete modeling in our
So Scott may be right: we CANNOT compare (absolutely) same differences.

Scott, is this what you pointed at?
John Mikes

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