Yes, it was meant for the list.

Bruno, you may remember that in the original question I specifically asked
you _not_ to give me that answer! But I must confess the fact that your
thesis is a) closely aregued and b) in French has meant I have not absorbed
it fully. Sorry my crack at translation petered out - how is it getting on?

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> Hi Brent, Hi James,
> Thank you both for your commentaries.
> Are you sure you want do that out of line ? or is it
> an e-mailing error ?
> I begin also to understand why I have been
> not straightforward in my (first)  attempt to
> answer James. The reason is that I am not
> representative of the way "information science"
> play a role in Physics.
> So an easy answer James could give to his friends is:
> "Bruno seems having proved that if we are machine
> then it is not consciousness which emerges from
> the material universe(s), it is the material
> universe(s) which emerge(s) from consciousness; and
> the laws of nature becames deducible from the
> psychology of machine".
> But I agree it is not a standard answer.
> Don't hesitate to criticize my proof ...
> Bruno

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