Dear Alastair:

I believe I understood your appendix, but to clarify my question:

You have a logical base of logical unit strength m.  Call that a particular 
venue for all universes describable by some combination of one or more of 
the units in m.

My original question was why have just one copy of this venue?  The 
Everything surely has enough room for an infinite number of independent 
copies of m.  So any universe describable in m is represented in the 
Everything by an infinite number of copies.   This removes any 
preponderance of simple universes over complex ones.

Further the venue m + 1 can support even more varieties of universes 
including all those in  m and itself is repeated an infinite number of 
times in the Everything.  So too for M + 2 and so on.

This seems to completely remove the extrinsic property of preponderance and 
its associated information from the Everything.


At 2/19/02, you wrote:
>The intended implication is that the minimally represented versions of
>universes will predominate for all possible values of m (above n+d). Sorry
>if that wasn't clear.
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> > Dear Alastair:
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> > In the appendix of your paper if we call m logical units a venue why do
> > have just one such venue?
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> > If there are an infinite number of venues of strength m in the Everything
> > then any sub m sets in m appear an infinite number of times in the
> >
> > Hal
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