In an earlier post:

I stated:

"Can type #1 universes {those that do not allow true noise} become type #2
universes {Those that do allow true noise}.  They must be able to or again 
there would be a selection."

The rational is as follows:


Bidirectional conversion of true noise not allowed and true noise allowed 
to some degree types:

A proper dose of true noise can convert true noise allowed universes into 
true noise not allowed universes.  Whether or not true noise is allowed in 
the determination of the next state for a particular universe is an aspect 
of the current state of that universe.  This intrinsic rule structure can 
be overridden at any state to state transition by the dynamic of the 
Everything itself.  Thus conversions of true noise not allowed universes 
into true noise
allowed universes is available.


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