I am currently working on my Ph.D. project on statistical physics. I am
familiar with renormalization group techniques and some specialized
techniques for exactly solving models, like the Bethe Ansatz and the
Yang-Baxter equation.

I independently concluded that mathematical existence and physical existence
are the same, by contemplating thought experiments with artificial
intelligence. I think that I got this idea in 1994. I joined this list in
the summer of 2000 and posted some of my thought experiments.

I think that statistical physics, and especially renormalization group
techniques, are essential if one wishes to derive the physics that we
observe from abstract concepts like a measure defined on a set of computer

Let me conclude by giving some interesting references of books and articles
that are not too technical:

[1] Scaling and renormalization in statistical physics, J. Cardy, Cambridge
University Press

[2] Exactly Solved Models in Statistical Mechanics, R.J. Baxter, Academic
Press, New York, 1982

[3] Renormalization Group Studies of Vertex Models, Saibal Mitra,

[4] Determinism and Dissipation in Quantum Gravity, Erice lecture, Gerard 't

[5] Entropic Dynamics, Ariel Caticha, http://arxiv.org/abs/gr-qc/0109068

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