Scerir writes:
> The argument that the relativistic space-time named (after H. Weyl) "block
> universe" eliminates the possibility of changes, free will, becoming (etc.)
> has been used to conclude that between relativity (which demands separability
> and determinism) and quamtum mechanics (which demands nonseparability
> and indeterminism) there is no "peaceful coexistence", from a philosophical
> point of view.

You can also have a "block universe" in QM with the many-world
interpretation.  It has a more complicated geometric structure but
philosophically it is deterministic, with the same issues regarding
changes, free will, etc.

I believe QM is generally compatible with special relativity, but I am
not sure of the details.  A no-collapse formulation should be even more
compatible since you don't have messy and non-physical measurements to
worry about.

Hal Finney

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