At 13:05 -0700 17/07/2002, Wei Dai wrote:

>  Hal Finney wrote:
>  > Why should they care?  If S gets a TV that does not benefit them.  Is it
>>  just that they are similar to S, being recent copies of him, so they
>>  have a sort of brotherly fondness for him and would like to see him happy?

But this confuses the 1 and 3 person point of view. (or points of view?)
So, either you are a zombie (which I doubt) or you hide the"mind data" under
the rug, or I miss something.

If you have problems with the 1/3 distinction, perhaps you could take
a look on the book edited by Casti, and in particular to Rossler on 
for more physical motivations. Svozil's book even gives an 
endophysics related to
quantum logics (due basically to Moore and Conway).
Rossler O.E. Endophysics, in Real Brains, Artificial Minds, JL Casti, 
A Karlqvist
(eds), North-Holland, New-York, 1987.
Rossler makes a link between 1_3 disticnction and covariance. He even 
the link to Boscovich in "Boscovich Covariance", JL Casti, A Karlqvist (eds),
CRC Press, 1991.


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