From: Osher Doctorow [EMAIL PROTECTED], Thurs. Sept. 5, 2002 5:43PM

I have accessed the paper by Yurstever, and I want to mention that I have
been pursuing the algorithmic incompressibility thread on
[EMAIL PROTECTED] in connection with supersymmetric theories of
memory.   The reception there was partly one of interest from a member of
the Royal Statistical Society, but lately two members have complained about
(a) off-topic, and (b) too lengthy emails of mine.  This is definitely
progress toward the Socratic position, and I am encouraged.   : > )

I am very impressed by the algorithmic incompressibility viewpoint of
randomness, although I should point out that it is only one (but a very
good) viewpoint.   Now I will continue reading the Yurtsever paper.

Osher Doctorow

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