On 06-Sep-02, Bruno Marchal wrote:
> Dear John,

> Bohm's statement is quite coherent with his philosophy.

> He believes in a unique material reality (although he does
> not believe in a wave packet reduction, particles follow only
> one branch of the universal superpositions, with Bohm). So
> Bohm is obliged to abandon comp (cf comp entails the many
> world, even without QM). I say more on Bohm in my CC&Q paper
> (see my URL). Bohm's attitude illustrates the link between
> COMP and the many-idea.
> Remember that people like Everett or Deutsch follows comp
> (which doesn't mean they have seen all the consequences).

Bohm's QM is empirically identical with non-relativistic
Schroedinger QM - makes exactly the same predictions.  So what
does it have to do with AI and the duplication of brains?

Brent Meeker
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