VZ Nuri writes:
> hi all. I just read an amazing factoid in john gribbins
> "search for sch.cat". it says that wheeler, in spite
> of his initial enthusiasm for MWI & promoting it, and being
> the advisor to everett, eventually abandoned
> it, feeling it "carried too much metaphysical baggage"
> or something like that. I was not aware of that. is
> everyone else? I wonder if there are other refs on the
> subject. I will quote the gribbin section if ppl are interested.

Yes, I'd heard this.  I wrote last June about my perceptions of Wheeler's
shifts of positions at http://www.escribe.com/science/theory/m3699.html.
My speculation was that he didn't like being known as just a supporter
of someone else's theory, that he wanted to come up with his own idea.
However in the recent Scientific American article co-authored with Max
Tegmark, they seemed to endorse the MWI pretty strongly.

Hal Finney

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