Proposition 8: The dynamic of Proposition 5 is random.

Proof: Same form of proof as for Proposition 5.

"Effect": I tried here to select a word that encompassed a sufficiently wide range of influences so that in the end the Everything summed up to no net information. One type of influence between counterfactuals would be where the Everything contains two logic systems such that in one the statement "A" is true and in the other the statement "Not A" is true. I see this as too narrow.

"Noise": In the model, current states of universes are interpretations of the patterns of the counterfactuals that happen to be currently on the Everything/Nothing surface. The patterns shift randomly and a universe has to find a new compatible pattern to survive. A universe that has rules of state succession that allows for portions of the new pattern to be determined by the shifting dynamic - a "Do not care" content to the rules - rather than by the rules acting on the data of the current state is a universe whose succession of states is subject to the external random dynamic [external random oracle] to some degree. This is true noise injection into that universe.

"Nesting": I do not see the nesting I arrive at as having dimensionality or of being in or on a dimension. I see it as rather an infinite entanglement of potential.


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