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    This paper includes the possibility of two dimensions of time as one of
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Quantum Physics, abstract
From: Robert Garisto <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Date: Thu, 12 Dec 2002 18:15:28 GMT   (10kb)

What is the speed of quantum information?
Authors: Robert Garisto
Comments: 4 twocolumn pages, REVTeX4
Report-no: BNL-HET-02-26

We study the apparent nonlocality of quantum mechanics as a transport
problem. If space is a physical entity through which quantum information
(QI) must be transported, then one can define its speed. If not, QI exists
apart from space, making space in some sense `nonphysical'. But we can still
assign a `speed' of QI to such models based on their properties. In both
cases, classical information must still travel at $c$, though in the latter
case the origin of local spacetime itself is a puzzle. We consider the
properties of different regimes for this speed of QI, and relevant quantum
interpretations. For example, we show that the Many Worlds Interpretation
(MWI) is nonlocal because it is what we call `spatially complete'.


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