Interesting news. (Embryo of comp practice, see below).

BTW the following is also interesting about comp,
metaphysics and about the *everything* idea. Some on the FOR list argues Parmenide
could be considered as the father of the "many" idea, and have pointed to
Randall's page.


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Date: Fri, 14 Mar 2003 13:47:41 +0100
Subject: World's first brain prosthesis revealed

"The world's first brain prosthesis - an artificial hippocampus - is about
to be tested in California. Unlike devices like cochlear implants, which
merely stimulate brain activity, this silicon chip implant will perform the
same processes as the damaged part of the brain it is replacing.

The prosthesis will first be tested on tissue from rats' brains, and then
on live animals. If all goes well, it will then be tested as a way to help
people who have suffered brain damage due to stroke, epilepsy or
Alzheimer's disease."


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