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> Hi,
> Members might be interested in  the following paper which deals with
> a testable TOE.
> by Reginald T Cahill
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> Abstract: A  review of the new information-theoretic  Process
> Physics.  The fundamental assumption is that  reality is to be
> modelled as self-organising  semantic  or relational information
> using a self-referentially limited neural network model, where the
> information-theoretic limitations are implemented via
> self-referential noise. This modelling was motivated by the discovery
> that such stochastic neural networks are foundational to known
> quantum field theories. In  Process Physics  time is a distinct
> non-geometric process while space and quantum physics  are emergent
> and unified. Quantum phenomena  are caused by fractal topological
> defects   embedded in and forming a growing  three-dimensional
> fractal process-space, which is essentially a quantum foam.   Other
> features are the emergence of    quantum field theory with  flavour
> and  confined colour, limited causality and  the Born quantum
> measurement metarule,  inertia,  time-dilation effects, gravity and
> the equivalence principle, a growing universe with   a cosmological
> constant,  black holes and event horizons, and the emergence of
> classicality. The unification of the quantum foam structure   of
> space with the quantum nature of matter amounts to the discovery of
> quantum gravity. Gravity is essentially an in-flow effect associated
> with the loss of information.   A new  theory of gravity for the
> classical limit  is proposed, and shown to pass the key tests.  A
> detailed analysis of various experiments demonstrates that absolute
> motion with respect to this space of quantum foam has been observed
> experimentally by Michelson and Morley, Miller, Illingworth, DeWitte
> and others.  The  Dayton Miller and Roland DeWitte data also reveal
> the in-flow of space into matter which manifests as  gravity.    The
> in-flow also  manifests turbulence and the experimental data confirms
> this as well, which amounts to the observation of a gravitational
> wave phenomena. The Einstein assumptions leading to the Special and
> General Theory of Relativity are shown to be falsified by the
> extensive experimental data.  Contrary to the Einstein assumptions
> absolute motion is consistent with relativistic effects, which are
> caused by actual dynamical effects of absolute motion through the
> quantum foam, so that it is Lorentzian  relativity that is seen to be
> essentially  correct. The success of this new physics has profound
> implications for our comprehension of reality.
> Reg Cahill
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