Hal Finney wrote:

What about a universe whose space-time was subject to all the same
physical laws as ours in all regions - except in the vicinity of rabbits?
And in those other regions some other laws applied which allow rabbits
to behave magically?

While this may be possible, we seem to have found so far that the universe admits of many
simple regularities in its complex systems and its fundamental laws. Therefore many of the
essential properties (future-form-and-behaviour-determining properties) of these complex
systems admit of accurate description by SIMPLE, SMALL theories that describe these
simple regularities in the complex systems.

I challenge you to come up with a simple, small, (thus elegant), and accurately explanatory
theory of how space-time could be as you propose above, and also how this wouldn't
mess up a whole bunch of other observed properties of the universe.

My point is I don't think you (or anyone)'d ever be able to come up with a small, simple,
yet explanatory theory of the white rabbit universe you suggest.

AND THAT THEREFORE, at least according to how we've always seen the essential aspects
of the universe conform to simple elegant theories and laws before, THE RABBITS SCENARIO
(bizarrely strange yet still straightforwardly observable spacetime pockets)

Could such a bizarre universe exist? Well possibly, (I personally think not an observable one),
but in any case it would be a highly difficult universe (unmodellable with simple models) and
physicists would be unemployed in that universe, as their predictions based on simple, clever
theories would never turn out to work. Magicians and wizards (those able to pretend they'd been
responsible for the last bit of observed extreme weirdness) would hold sway.


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