>As Wolfram postulates, the concept of time and speed of light c >within
such an informational universe may be related to how fast >the informational
changes (from one state to another) can propagate >(across the qubitstring)
using only local computations as the >medium of state-change propagation. It
is wrong to suppose that >this implies "computational time" outside of the
qubitstring. "How >fast state-change propagates" is purely a question of how
the metric >spacetime that the consistent tour defines can evolve in form
within >a consistent tour.

this is particulariliy interesting to myself personlly, i'm doing research
on what i call the 'temporant nexus' or how time works as a sort of sixth
sense or negative cumulative sense, i.e. if one we're to combine all of the
frequency inputs of sensory receptions of the mind, and calculate the
derivative prime of their mean sum frequencies and use that as a directive
or regulatory sense to the overall body relation of the percetions of
passage of time.

anyway, i'm wondering what you think about the opinion of sensory data being
construed along this qubit string from the viewpoint of the living human
being type animal or whatever. anyway, this sensory data is necessarily
relevant only to the human beings perceptions of a temporal universe, .:
preceivable only by the human being itself. Anyhow, our attempt to postulate
a simulation of the universe is the resolve an attempt at creating a
stimulus based simulation of the universe which matches our perceptual
understanding of being universally 'now'.

anyhow, the sensory data would be stacked on the qbitstring along different
frequency algorythms, perceptual stages or ratios of temporant compression
in a pyramid like fashion. (fig.a)

[qbit connection point]
    past present  future
       /    /    |   \      \
     /      /    |    \      \
   / \    / \   /\   / \    / \
 /  /   /  /   |  |   \  \   \  \
/\ /\  /\ /\  /\ /\  /\ /\  /\ /\
[serial data strings]

at node points long the string, kind of like having little tiny pyramid
shaped grapes growing off of a grape vine.

anyway, as the perceptions of the individual pass over the qbit string
throughout 'time', they 'cross' through these data bit nodes,
thusly creating a form of distributive frequency sine wave relating qbit
string as 0 and information bits as 0<x>1 or =+1

the regressive function of of time then returns the information bit to the
qbit string, resetting it at 0.

as the humans perceptions pass over the qbit string through time, or
conversely, the qbitstring passes 'temporally' through the mind of the
human, then perceptually referennt information bits or sellectively pulled
off of the qbit string and recognized as symbolic mind states of that human
being sensory referrant passage through time 'universally' as a singular
instance of now.

: the universe itself is not actually simulated by the qbit string, but
instead is attributed through random data node representational instances
along that q bit string.  (fig. b)


where information nodes are related to the q bit string as such
(i assume by some quantum instance of relative derivation of temporant
relation) (fig. c)

       / /|\ \
  [see fig. a]

and as 'a' perceptual reference or performing information processor roams or
passes over the q bit string in it's 'mentality' through time, it creates a
signal process by temporant manouver which can then be 'experienced' by the
'body' in terms of biorythms and interprative behaviours.   (fig.d)     _
         _                        /   \                 /
        /  \                    /         \            /
      /     \                /               \       /
\_/           \          /                     \_/
                 \      /

if you put fig. c on top of fig. b and then run fig.d over (bc),
then you achieve some sense of the rythm of time passing
as a perceptual node of reference, through the qbit string.
ammassing itself upon little bits of extranuous perceptual
data by which the observer mentally 'recognizes' the perceptual
flow of time (by the mind)

thusly, the singular multiversally continous qbit string:

> Being a qubit string it simultaneously exhibits all of its potential
> information-states.

and it is that temporally perceptual 'stringing' {what i refer to
perceptually as temporal tyning or [frequency selective mind travel by time
into future mind states now by the presence of active state information
processing/handling [mind] theory of mind]}
which enlightens the sensory mind states of awarenessess
such as that they are then able to recognize their own temporal sequencing
processing states within [functional] time [passage], enabling them to
conduct their own 'time' planning and 'resequencing' movements.

thusly there exists, as primer to life, this qbit string, and upon selective
developments of life, additional information data sets are attached to the
qbit string [data] nodes. the frequency states of the life then slectivelevy
approach these perceptual nodes as they advance mentallyâ//biophysically
through space time in realtion to the 'supposed' temporant advances of the
qbit string.

at the level of human life, this would likely yield an interesting effect
in such that the perceptual observers would develop a 'mind' instance, by of
having a multitude of perceptual observers picking up data information sets
from this qbit 'perceptual reality' string
all at the same time now, yielding different perceptual frequencies and
temporal inputs or amplitudes, would then share some simultaneous mental
consciousness of symbolic memory instances by which the effective yield of
previous/past reality instances of the perceptual pickup of the data sets of
the qbit string would be remembered and thus repercieved as indefinately new
present tense perceptual instance of 'now' time reality, thusly creating a
mind based symposium of noises and temporant reflections or static by which
the mind state of the perceptual observers becomes transluted from reality,
or then has the accuracy or alignments of their sensory-mental systems
[perceptual reference guides] mixed up or confused with other human being's
sensory perceptual points of information pickup and memory.
there would infact become a sensory shadow as an indefinative past present
instance which would in turn temporally relect the sum cumulative negative
instance of all the people refernt percetual analyses of now in relation to
the activity or time passage of that q-bit string.

anyhow,... i havn't really done a lot of work with qbit string, but i
understand a little bit about q-architectures and planning from a physical
standpoint, in order to become referently perceptual to the human being (in
terms of colour percetion theory and mind-word (mind sound) reception states
[as temporalâ//quantum] instances.

i was wondering how this temporant architecture database âperceptual theory
mixup would work in terms of temporal alignments or timing with qbitstring
architecture in terms of a cognitive metaphor from the percetual reality of
what it's actually like to 'be' a qbit string?

The End

p.s. is the entire universe itself within space by function, or is space
something such that it itself composes an entity of the composite structure
of the universe, thereby necessating some form of external boundary 'around'
the instance in which we are alive now as human beings on earth within [of]
that space.

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