Eugen Leitl:
I have trouble alternating between the internal and the external observer
view. So we have a machine crunching bits, sequentially falling from state to
state. This spans a continous trajectory. We can make a full record of that
trajectory, eliminating a time axis. When does the subjective observation of
existence assemble into place? The first time the computation was made?

I have trouble seeing my subjective observer experience as a sequence of
frames, already computed. Is the first run magical, and the static record
dead meat?  I'm confused.

I think the most common theory on this list is that there is nothing special about the first vs. the second run--rather, the total number of runs helps determine the measure of that subjective experience. If I scan my brain into a computer knowing that my first experience after being uploaded will depend on what environment is created for my simulated brain, I should make sure my friends do lots of runs where the upload wakes up in an idyllic environment and that my enemies don't get their hands on the program and do a lot of runs where the upload is used as a slave or something. If my enemies do manage to get a copy and do a few of those runs before they are caught and stopped by the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Uploads, my friends can at least try to minimize the damage by doing so many runs of the idyllic environment that the probability of having that experience after I wake up will be much greater than the probability that my first experience after being uploaded will be waking up as a slave to my enemies (according to this particular theory of how measure works, anyway).

Jesse Mazer

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