> And what does it say about the physical properties which are necessary
> for computation?  We have energy; Life has "blinkiness" (the degree to
> which cells are blinking on and off within a structure); neither property
> has a good analog in the other universe.  Does the "real" universe win,
> in terms of deciding what properties are really needed for computation?
> I don't think so, because we could reverse the roles of the two universes
> and it wouldn't make any fundamental difference.

Yes! you've captured the gist and fleshed out the raw concept that "hit" me
whilst reading your post on "weightless" computation; that's potentially the
value of it as an avenue to explore, I think: that there is an
equivalence/symmetry/correspondence by which the universe's map to one
another but it's not direct(?) is it a form of information conveyance?

Reference time...

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