I have to say that I sympathize with Caesar, but my position is slightly
different. I think there is a possibility that that objective morality
does exist, but we're simply too stupid to realize what it is. Therefore
we should try to improve our intelligence, through intelligence
amplication, or artificial intelligence, before saying that objective
morality is impossible and therefore we should just pursue other goals
like survival, comfort or happiness.

Some people have argued that in fact survival is an objective goal,
because evolution makes sure that people who don't pursue survival don't
exist. But if we assume that everything exists, the above statement has to
be modified to an assertion that people who don't pursue survival have low
measure. However the choice of measure itself is subjective, so why
shouldn't one use a measure in which people who don't pursue survival have
high measure (e.g., one which favors universes where those people
survive anyway through good luck or benevolent gods)?

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