"Why Occam's Razor" can be viewed at
 The abstract:
"Ensemble theories have received a lot of interest recently as a means of
explaining a lot of the detailed complexity observed in reality by a vastly
simpler description ``every possibility exists'' and a selection principle
(Anthropic Principle) ``we only observe that which is consistent with our
existence''. In this paper I show why, in an ensemble theory of the
universe, we should be inhabiting one of the elements of that ensemble with
least information content that satisfies the anthropic principle. This
explains the effectiveness of aesthetic principles such as Occam's razor in
predicting usefulness of scientific theories. I also show, with a couple of
reasonable assumptions about the phenomenon of consciousness, the linear
structure of quantum mechanics can be derived. "

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> >A brief heads up that my paper "Why Occam's Razor" will appear in the
> >June issue of Foundations of Physics Letters. The full reference is:
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> >Standish, R.K. (2004) ``Why Occam's Razor'' Foundations of Physics
> >Letters, 17, 255-266.
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