an outsider thought to your interesting attachment:
We know about two parallel worlds (wit languages?):
A. the 'physos'-observable one - som call material reality (I don't),
B. mathematics

I extend A into all white elephant/rabbit versions we can 'talk' about.
B exists in the mind of mathematicians (including simpler levels existing
in simpler minds one would not call 'a mathematician'. E.g. me.

The problem starts when scientists start to apply one to the other,
mostly B to A, forcing connections between the parallels. 
It leads to omissions, unnatural conclusions, I call it reductionism 
into those cases where it was (successfully???) done.

I know this was not what you intended.

John Mikes

PS to your interesting "Rock" post:
that is what your human mind says. Ask the rock, you may be 
surprised. - J

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