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I see nothing in the rest of your post that makes my believe there is a difference of kind between rocks and humans.

I believe it is a mistake to concentrate only on the reductionist theory of the "very small", and to assume that there
is nothing else interesting about systems that are larger. Theories of spacetime and matter's "unit" composition
are not the be all and end all. To explain emergent system behaviour, you have to have a theory whose language
is a vocabulary of various kinds of complex properties. This is because emergent systems, as one of their
interesting properties, do not depend on all of the properties of their substrate. They only depend on those properties
of the substrate which are essential to the interaction constraints that determine the macro behaviour of the system.
Thus, in theory, you can change the system's substrate and still have the same complex system, at its relevant
level of description.

However, that being said, I think, Hal, that we're on a similar wavelength re. "fundamental" "info" physics.
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Warning, my vocab in these posts is a little informal.Go for the
fundemental concepts if you can get them out of the writing.

Cheers, Eric

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