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Some of you may be interested in my new book.  It is self published.  I have copied below  the summary chapter and the name and addresses of the book store that is selling it for me.

Chapter II

Summary of the Ross Model of the Universe


The Ross Model

I have proposed what I believe is the simplest yet model of the universe.  I call my model the “The Ross Model of the Universe”.  The Ross Model can be used to describe and explain all elements of the universe including photons, electrons, protons, neutrons, atomic nuclei, heat, temperature, magnetism and gravity.  According to this model, the entire universe and everything in it from photons to electrons to protons to galaxies is comprised of nothing but a single type of elementary charged point particle.  I call these point particles, pointicles or (more often) “tronnies”.  To the best of my knowledge no one in the history of the world ever suspected that tronnies existed.  I have identified them and I believe that they must be the basic building blocks of the universe.  A tronnie has no mass and no volume but it has a charge equal to + e or – e. 

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