I have put on my web page a link toward a "pdf" slide
giving the main "map of the territory".
It is a graph whose vertex give the main propositional
logics used in the "derivation of physics from machine introspection",
and the edges are just inclusion relations.
For exemple CL = propositional classical logic, as seen as the
set of all theorems of some (complete) presentation of it. Or as the set
of all classical tautologies.
IL = Intuitionistic logic;   and QL = quantum logic.
(Precise definitions will be given)
Both IL and QL are sublogic of CL.   (A v (not A)) is not a theorem
                                                    of IL, for example,
and A & (B v C) and (A & B) v (A & C) are not equivalent in QL.
Above CL we find the main modal logic: the "well known" G and G*,
and S4Grz, etc.

That little diagram should help. Print and sleep with it ;-)
More explanation asap.



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