This has been an interesting thread. Unfortunately I was too busy to contribute much. However, here is a thought regarding simulation versus first and third person points of view.

It does make sense to talk about a 3rd person point of view about simulation of a conscious entity on a computer. However, I don't think it applies to a first person point of view.

In the plenitude we'll have an infinite number of levels of simulation as well as an infinite number of simulations per level (2^aleph_0 as suggested by Bruno in a previous post, or higher)

From a first person point of view any observer moment in any simulation and at any level can transit to another observer moment in a different simulation at a different level provided the transition is consistent with the observer. Therefore from the first person point of view there is no such a thing as living in a simulator. As first persons we live in all simulators and at all levels.

In addition, since lower levels have lower complexity and therefore higher measure, the number of simulations is higher at lower levels.

Therefore we are more likely to occupy ensembles of simulations located at the lower levels. Is there a lowest level in the level hierarchy, that is a level below which there is no simulation, just the plenitude? Possibly. If so, we are most likely to exist "most of the time" at that base level, but we cannot exclude that "some of the time" we may be in a higher level.

hmmmm. This argument points to the fact that "most of the time" we do not live in a simulator!


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