At 11:44 05/06/04 -0400, John M wrote:
Dear Bruno, you made my day.

your explanation which I asked for (> >I mean a short, concise plain
language identification.<<) is such that I even hesitate to
try to follow it.

You should at least try, and *then* hesitate to continue; or better
you continue until you find something which you don't understand
and then ask. Or perhaps realize that I was using logic, and then ponder
if you should study logic or not, to continue, or not.
Aaargh that "logical barrier"!!!  I am sure you *imagine* the difficulties.
A passive understanding is just a matter of learning some definitions
and making some simple exercises.

I may post my formulation (of words) when I feel it good enough
for a list-scrutiny. (On consciousness see some words below).
Does you Mmmmhhhh mean your opposing opinion
(vs a Hhhhmmmm)?

I was suspecting some skepticism with respect to the notion of bit,
which I accept. When you find yourself in Washington (resp. Moscow)
after a duplication, you are getting one bit of information through
a measurement process.

Thanks for the trouble to write, I will try to extract of it whatever
echoes some understanding in my little mind.

Little mind? In French this is very pejorative. I guess it isn't, in English.

PS. The e-mail battle against 'consciousness' was based upon the Tucson
conferences where thousands of scientists from dozens of countries could not
agree in defining it. My opinion was: it is a historical noumenon for some
mental idiom - from ages when the then epistemic level of the cognitive
inventory did not allow an intelligent formulation amd nowadays every author
includes an identification that fits his theory. It is still going on. I
volunteered a definition in total generalization (not sure if I still
totally agree):
"Acknowledgement of and response to information" not restricted
to humans, rather generalized to 'everything' (this was before my
participation in the 'everything' list) as a "pan-sensitivity". The
"response" may be activity, or just storage, unrestricted. Information I
coined as 'difference' accepted.
References? it was in many dozens of list-e-mails on I guess 8 diverse lists
over a decade. I my have most of them in the mess on my *hard* disk. (Hard
to find on it). - JM

OK. We can discuss it later in some consciousness thread.


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