Hi John:

My purpose for asking for comments re is "definition" a mathematical process was to clear up some questions re my model.

1) Does my Everything - since it contains all does - it contain the Nothing? Well it certainly contains its side of the defining boundary so my current response is yes to the maximum degree possible.

2) Was mathematics always present? Well my founding definition results in incompleteness and inconsistency [complex mathematical concepts] and is unavoidable so it always was. So my current answer is yes mathematics has always been present at the fundamental level.

3) As to mind and body and observer I currently see all this as missing the real issue: in my view sub systems such as we do not observe or unilaterally decide, but rather we involuntarily participate. I see two possibilities that are not mutually exclusive: 1) the state of the universe just prior to my closing or not closing the switch that submits this post spontaneously appeared in the metaverse or 2) a sequence [or sequences] of states from some earlier initiating state(s) end in the same prior state. These are not distinguishable. Because of all the other poised conditions in the prior state and external noise I find inherent in the process I believe an infinite number of new sequences emerge from this state. In some I close the switch and in some I do not.


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