Dear Bruno, let me segment your long reply (thanks) and reflect now in the
1st part to your comments on "truth". (I may come to the others later, I
just beware of milelong posts).
I interleave my response.
John Mikes

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> >(Bruno: am I still in your corner?)
> OK. Let us see.
> >Dear Kory, an appeal to your open mind: in the question whether
> >...."we discovered math or invented it"...,
> >many state that the first version is 'true'.
> >Beside the fact that anybody's 'truth' is a first person decision,
> Then I would decide to have food when I am hungry, to have water
> when I am thirsty. I would decide Riemann hypothesis true and even proved
> by me, and I would decide to get those million dollars.
> I would decide you to be a platonist, my friend, ...
> I would decide peace everywhere,
>   ...if truth was a matter of first person *decision*.
> Seriously, I am afraid you confuse the luckily adequate first person
> the first person lives in front of truth and truth itself.
I think we got into a semantic quagmire. I feel a different meaning in my
(5th language English) "TRUTH" from what I read as the (4th language French)
'verité'. I use 'truth' as the OPINION one accepts as being not false. What
you imply sounds to me as 'constructing a reality". Truth has nothing to do
with decisionmaking. "Decision" comes into the picture only in the 1st
person thinking to "decide" whether the item is not false. If I agree, it is
(my) truth as well.
> >the fact
> >that anything we may "know" (believe or find), is interpreted by the ways
> >how our 'human' mind works -
> SURE!  (but it is invalid to infer from that that truth itself depends on
our beliefs and findings).
Sorry, Bruno, you sound in the parethetized remark as a person who believes
in some eternal 'truth' chisled in the (nonexistent) stone of (nonexistent)
supernatural 'law', - or rather: takes something like 'truth' as the
installations (facts??)of the world. There is no such thing as "THE TRUTH  -
ITSELF" at least not among people who think... Maybe some religious fanatic
fundamentalists know "the truth", the only ONE, worthwhile killing (-dying)
Even the "facts" are explanations for observations - and we saw lately
discussions on observers.
The flat Earth: a fact (Ptolemaios), hell: a fact (A. Dante), the atoms in
the molecules I synthesized: facts, then all these things turned into
fiction. Props of some belief system.

Now let me take a deep breath and if I am still 'on' this list, later I will
come back to 'math'.
(I don't know Wilfried Hodge, will not read him for this purpose.)

Till then, I celebrate July 4th

John Mikes

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